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Thanks to the Lajos Barabás collection, alongside with great Hungarian artists I'm honored to exhibit at Sainte-Chapelle of the Château de Vincennes.




Originally scheduled for June 2020 and postponed due to the health crisis, the "White Gold" exhibition offered to the public by the association of former students of EnsAD, will take place in Vincennes from June 12 to July 11. Following the success of the first edition in 2018, which won over some 6,000 spectators, the association is offering a new historical journey through more than 250 pieces. The exhibitions, free of charge (excluding Sainte-Chapelle), will be accompanied by conferences, guided tours and meetings with the artists. They will highlight the history of the Vincennes manufacture and its influence in the old continent and in particular in Hungary, guest of honor at this edition.

The link between the city of Vincennes and porcelain dates back to the 18th century when this "white gold" was worked in the Manufacture de Vincennes of which Jean-Jacques Bachelier, founder of the National School of Decorative Arts (EnsAD), was the head. modeler. It is in this context of historical heritage that the former students of EnsAD, in partnership with the Municipality, offer several exhibitions which retrace the history of the Vincennes porcelain factory, show its influence in Europe by welcoming Hungarian collections, and make the link between the history of this exceptional material and contemporary creation.


The Sainte-Chapelle of the Château de Vincennes will host a first exhibition allowing the public to discover some sixty pieces from the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest as well as contemporary works by Hungarian artists from the Zsdrál Marko Gallery in Budapest or the collector Lajos Barabás. This exhibition will be an opportunity to showcase the influence of the Manufacture de Vincennes in Europe but also to highlight the creations of Hungarian ceramicists in France. The works of French artists, former students of EnsAD and that of students of the school will interact with those of contemporary Hungarian artists. For this event, the scenographer Gilles Edenne selected as the showcase a device with a minimalist spirit, through a carpet 27 meters long and blue, the royal color and also very present in the stained glass windows.

The Cours Marigny and the rue Eugène-Renaud, at the foot of the Hôtel de Ville, will host around sixty panels with images reflecting on the history of the Manufacture de Vincennes and on Hungarian porcelain. This completely free exhibition will be an opportunity to return to the 18th century, when the Manufacture de Vincennes developed thanks to an artists' workshop guided by the artistic director Jean-Jacques Bachelier. Only 12 years after its creation, Louis XV will promote the Manufacture de Vincennes “royal manufacture”. This exhibition will give spectators the opportunity to appreciate in particular the astonishing playing cards which allowed trade secrets to be exchanged.

A third exhibition, planned in the interior street of the Coeur de Ville building in Vincennes, will invite visitors to examine the imaginary porcelain forests of the ceramic sculptor Florence Lemiegre and also to admire other contemporary works by established artists and artists. students of EnsAD.

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