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BA’ART Gallery//Meeting of personal universes

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The first exhibition of the gallery, which aims to present contemporary ceramics and modern art, can be visited by appointment at 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 28, from Monday to Friday, from 2 to 6 in the afternoon, between November 12 and December 2.

Meeting of oersonal universes | Supervision |

The works of Ádám Csaba Szabó form part of the ceramic series known as 'Covariance'. Being exiled to personal spaces created an opportunity to observe and experience it without the noise of the community. With Ádám's sculptures, we can feel the effect of the clay rotating on the disk and the hand on each other, its end result, we can almost follow the creation process with our eyes. After the organic, natural process, however, comes the cutting, pruning, removal, the gesture of approach, and all of this is fixed by the burning of the sculptures. He fires his black-gray ceramics using the oil raku technique, at a low temperature, and the brown ones in a wood-fired oven at high heat.

Ádám's masculine, ceramic shell-like torsos evoke the fertility sculptures of prehistoric times, which are revived in Júlia's stalactite-shaped formations.

Végh almost introduces us to the world of the deep subconscious, to the garden of fertility and delights, to his dreamlike visions, where the concept of space and time is present in a subjective sense or even does not exist, because the concept of eternity explicitly overwrites it. Végh's 'SACRAL CACRUS' series presents an intuitive painting language that starts from the collage technique and deals with bringing to the surface inner, psychological, dream-like visions. The goal is to create an intuitive, picturesque theme with a specific design language; interior landscapes appear in front of us in a dreamlike, floating, peculiar world. The thick paste surface treatment is combined with a harmonious color scheme. The compositions of the images he dreamed up are shown through free, instinctively bursting gestures; thereby the image almost shapes itself.

Curators: Lajos Barabás, Melinda Barabás, Zoltán Barabás

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