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Homo faber guide

Proud and honoured to be featured on Homo Faber Guide, showcasing the best of craftmanship over Europe. Thanks to Michelangelo Foundation, Judit Osvárt project ambassador for Hungary and for the photos to Antonio Fekete Laliland Pictures

Homo Faber Guide is a signature project developed by the Michalengalo Foundation for

Creativity and Craftsmanship, an international non-profit organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, which was set up in 2016 thanks to the intuition of Franco Cologni and Johann Rupert. The Michelangelo Foundation's mission is to celebrate and preserve master craftsmanship, and for this reason it has

created a European map of the most significant

representatives in this field, with the aim of connecting all its protagonists: artisans, designers, gallery owners, art curators, collectors and enthusiasts of high-quality handmade pieces.

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